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Welcome to The Resolution Hotel in Whitby
The following details are intented to ensure you have a comfortable stay with us. If there is someting you are unsure about or need extra assistance please contact our friendly reception team.
The Television in your room has premium sports channels available for you to view during your stay. You do not need to pay extra, these are included as part of your stay. Simply turn on the TV and go to channel ____ where the sports channels begin. (Pay per view events are not available).
Your room is fitted with an electric radiator. Our House Keeping team should have left this at a comfortable setting for your room but you can turn it up, down or off.
The Vault Restaurant & Bar:
Our Restaurant & Bar is located on the basement floor and can be found by going to -1 in the lift. It is also accessed at ground level from Silver Street if you have guests joining you who are not staying with us. For more details about the Vault click on the navigation bar and go to The Vault.
Breakfast is served in The Vault Restaurant.